Christmas market @ Strasbourg

ChalkTalkTales-41Across traditions, humans remain the same. We love celebrations. Festivals come with shopping, gifting, eating delicacies and having fun. Christmas markets are extremely famous in Europe. They start constructing stalls in the common market square of every small town. Slowly the shops start filling.. They start putting up amazing items for sale – delicacies, gifts, chocolates, handcrafted miniatures.. the list goes on and on.

The wonderful smell of French fries(pommes), the sweet smell of Gluehwein, beautifully lit and decorated shops.. all these transport you to a medieval age. Strasbourg, a French city in the border of Germany houses one of the most famous Christmas markets in Europe. This is one of the few markets that stays open till New Year.


Long Christmas vacation and relatively good weather – what more reasons do you need to hit the Christmas market !! Bang, we arrived at Strasbourg. A well preserve city, with a magnificent church and a huge line of shops welcomed us. I put all my French which I studied in school to good use 😛 understood very little of what the native speakers said.. We shopped a few cute things and strolled around the church.


People make small qualities of Gluehwein and sell it just outside their house. Signature flavors of wine with various combinations of spices and dried flowers too. Its just your luck if you stop by a house and get the flavor you like 🙂 The town offers boat rides, which is a lovely way to beat the cold breeze and eat something warm while floating around the city.


It was dusk as we started our journey back home. We reached the market square to see a beautifully lit Christmas tree. The huge lighted flowers on a super huge tree looked extremely pretty. One of the best Christmas trees I have seen in Europe.. The picture gives an idea of how huge it was..


This was my first visit to a Christmas market and will stay special forever. Tourists never prefer to come to Europe in winter. Of course, the days are shorter, cold, dried up plants.. But sparks like Christmas markets and New year celebrations make you feel wonderful 🙂 These make Europe all the more beautiful 🙂

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