Milan finding..

Summer had just started to set in, when we took our Italian holiday. We had a day at Milan, on our way back from Rome. The word Milan has always been giving an official flavor because we have a branch of our office here. But now on, its going to be a word denoting charm. 🙂

After few really warm days in Italy, Milan’s chill weather was surprising. There were slight drizzles now and then too. We reached Duomo, the happening square of the city. The huge cathedral with the traditional structure (reminded us of the cathedral in Kutna-Hora). Just adjacent to it is the oldest Mall in the world – Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. chalktalktales-5-1

It is wonderful to stroll this place – beautiful ancient paintings on the ceiling, artistically designed flooring, combined with shops selling the latest products in trend- a fusion of the past and present. Makes you awe at how time changes things without changing the core beauty..

We moved to see L’Ultima Cena. The castle now houses some of the master pieces by greatest artists of all times. The Last supper fresco finds its place here. The castle itself is huge- simple and earthy.

chalktalktales-8I had these crazy men trying to gift me the threads for free. One guy literally placed the thread on my hand and I promptly threw it on the ground. I ended up being called a ‘wicked woman’ 😛 Once you take the thread, they torture you for money.

Here we noticed the vintage metros of Milan. So cute.. Wooden structure and absolutely cute. Looks like this is one of the signature features of Milan. The metro ride around the castle felt like a must do. Never miss it.chalktalktales-9

I heard from a friend that Milan has a bone chapel too. We couldn’t go there. If you have not seen a bone chapel, do visit one. Gives you a whole new perspective about life. To build chandeliers, flower vases and decors using bones – no it is not disgusting. Trust me !! It just goes to show what life is all about.

Slight drizzles and a cool weather, out-of-the-world yummy coconut ice cream – a must try in Milan – and a walk in the Navigli district streets along the canal – simply the best way to end the tour and head back to the airport..


Travel Tips

  1. Buy the 24 hour card – works on all the trains and trams. Best way to look around the city without tiring yourself.
  2. Be very careful about illegal immigrants who try to sell crazy threads and stuff like that to you – ignore them. Don’t even take it if they throw it on you.
  3. If you plan to enter the main cathedral, be prepared to stand in a very long queue.
  4. Italy is the place for duplicate handbags – first copies !! Make a good bargain to flaunt Prada and other hi-fi brands 🙂

Italy is well connected by trains and flights. Its wise to take longer holidays and cover 3 to 4 cities. Works out cheaper and gives you a wonderful experience. The entire vacation was so pleasing and made us feel really fresh at heart. I am sure you will love Italy too 🙂


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