Working Wife – SELECTED !!

Its marriage season.. and most of my friends are looking for a prospective bride. The standard question is – should the girl work after marriage or not?

Here are some points, from my point of view to justify why it is better to marry a working girl..

Minimum fights with Mother-in-law

A working woman hardly finds time to spend with her mother-in-law. She will be busy getting ready and packing the lunch box in the morning. After getting back from office in the evening, she is already half drained. After hearing a lot of ladies-gossip all these years, I strongly feel the fight starts when the two ladies get together to cook in the kitchen or watch mega serials in the afternoon. If your wife is working, she spends minimum time with your mother. Most of the time that they are together, you are also available at home to make sure things stay in control.

Evening outings – No thanks

I hear many of my friends saying “My wife always complains that I don’t take her out. After a hectic day at office, how can I afford to take her out in the evening???? ”
So here is the trick. If your wife has a long day at office, she will not ask you to take her out in the evening. She is busy with her stuff to do in the evenings.

Why no messages??Why no calls???

“My wife always picks a fight saying that I never call her or WhatsApp from office. She is feeling I am not giving her due importance. She feel is forget her when I am at work”
If you marry a working woman, she will be tied up with her own office commitment. No one is free enough at office to keep expecting calls or messages. Fight avoided !!!

Why cant you get a better job???

Many housewives often force their husbands to move to a better paying job by simply comparing with their neighbors or some relatives, without realizing the reality. A working woman clearly understands the industry pressures, end of year rating, bonus and increments. She knows that magic does not happen in corporates. She is much grounded and close to reality!! She can also be a great support to your career.

A common myth is that “A working girl gives away her salary to her parents. What is the advantage for her husband???”. Marrying a girl for her salary is a horrible thing. But rest assured. Female DNA is very good at sorting out priorities. She will definitely not ignore her husband and children for the sake of her parents.

If you need to switch a job, take a work break for higher studies or set up a business, you will have your wife to support you. She will know to handle the expenses of the house better. Need help to prepare a presentation or cross check an official report, you have her for you.

A working woman is indeed an asset to the family. She adds much more flavor and world experience to the family. In the case of a calamity, she will handle the house better.
Next time some 1980 uncle or aunty comes and advices you to marry a girl to sit and home and make rotis.. do remember these points  🙂

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