Devi(L) – Movie Review

Human greed personified as a ghost !!
This movie is a different flavored one at various levels. Its not just a ghost story. So many emotions and great performances. A master stroke by Prabu Deva. Such a wonderful dancing, slapstick inserted wherever possible, very good emotional performances and rocking screen presence. To people who were thrilled seeing his small movements in movies like Pokiri, this movie is heights !! He is rocking the floor literally. Loved the Chalmaar song  
Coming to the movie, its a ghost-comedy movie. For those who think its the common trend, this movie is not so. This is where the director shows his brilliance. Human emotions form the root of this film. Generally, we all long for popularity. More than enjoying a holiday, we have become more addicted to seeing how many likes the FB post about the holiday has got. This tendency seems to be higher among heroines. The fact that this has turned people into literal ghosts and they are ready to sacrifice their personal lives and go to any extent to cope up with the greed for popularity has been beautifully personified as a ghost in this movie. It gives a nice feeling to see the movie with this layer in mind.
Director Vijay gives quality movies which respect for human emotions, sentiments and teaches people to accept the realism of life. After few failures, he has now realized that the lessons must be taught with fun elements in the forefront(something that Samudrakani tried in Nadodigal). Great attempt. He teaches a lesson on handling emotions, by camouflaging it. Seeing through the layers definitely makes an impact.
Of course there are two things here..
1) For a lady, is going behind popularity or career and ruining personal life correct?
2) For a man, is killing his wife’s talent and making her a simple home maker right?
This movie definitely seemed food for thought.

The name is also designed beautifully. Devi(L). Does the director want to say that suppressing the “L” will bring out the Devi??
If you don’t want to think so much.. No worries. Devi(L) is fun, short and refreshing  You can definitely watch it  

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