Har Har Byomakesh – Movie Review

I have been wanting to try out Bengali movies – having heard so much about their quality movie making.
Long flight, not sleepy, silence and hot food.. A perfect ambiance to watch a movie and this one was on the play list. I wanted to check out Bengali movie making and this was a detective story.. Perfect!!

The movie is set in the world war period. Its a simpple story of a crime that happens in Banaras and how a Bengali detective solves it. But the movie making – mind blowing.
I watched the movie yesterday and I can still feel the hang of the era. Cinematography is so well done. Time period is captured exactly as it was. The actors looked as if they are real people, because no inserted glamour or heroism.
There is only one real song sequence. A dancer performs a kathak sequence, Saavan aayo ri. Wiki tells me this is Shinjini Kulkarni, granddaughter of Pandit Birju Maharaj. Mesmerizing. I watched it twice.

How do u make traditional dance forms survive? Use them in your movies and give the audience something to cherish. There is a thin thread of chit-chat on literature, appreciation of art forms and culture throughout the movie. Movie makers must definitely work to improve the taste of the audience. The Bengalis seem to do it so well.
Characters are perfectly etched. No grand sets. Realism captured at its best. I was mind blown.

How much did the team struggle to add this much beauty? The view from the detective’s house window is -The Ganges !! I was disappointed they didn’t show much of this. But there is a part when the hero and heroine go on a boat ride in the Ganges on a full-moon night, when the lamps float away on the river. A picture perfect scene. The movie is a complete platter.
Amazing feel good movie if you are looking for something new and refreshing. Do check it if you have time
I hope my new found interest in Bengali movies will show me a whole new world.

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