Kathi Sandai – Review

Suraaj deems to create comedy while Vishal thinks he is an action hero. So what happens when the two legends meet, with comedy kings like Soori and Vadivelu to back them?? A hilarious, action packed super laughter riot you expect. The team fails miserably. To the extent that the people started leaving the theater towards the last 30 mins.

The question is where is the comedy? May be they should give us clear statutory warning ”Laugh here”. Amazing epic fail this movie is !! The first half started dragging a bit. With lot of hopes, people kept up the tempo and laughed at the silliest of jokes, as we had it written in our deep mind that this is a supposedly comedy movie.

Expecting Vadivelu to rock the floor in the second half, we came back with pop corn after the intermission. I remember how Vivek made a great come back in Kashmora. Generally, Vadivelu makes people laugh with his mere expressions. But in this movie, a very narrow scope has been given and he has been miserably used. I wish he had a better come back.

The most unbearable part was the flash back sequence, where Vishal gives sentimental lectures. People started booing, clapping and making fun. I remember a similar sequence in Kathi, where Vijay gives his remarkable climax speech. It was so touching that I stopped buying cool drinks in my house from that day. But here, Vishal made a joke of himself. This is when you start believing that Suraaj can actually supply humor !!

Hiphop Tamizha Adi sounds very redundant. The fact that he has sung most of the songs (looks like someone told him that his voice suits Vishal the best), gives you an ear pain. I like Thamanna’s costumes and colors used on her. She is just the usual glam doll with the pouted lips throughout !!

Suraaj fails as a director and script writer. Vishal, Thamanna, Soori and the many villains are all giving the same expressions which they have been displaying all these years. Absolutely no change. So where is the director’s touch? Few comedy sequences are good but its wise to watch them on the Comedy time program. If you watch the movie, you will come out so irritated that you will forget the comical moments.

Vishal need not worry about privacy. I do not think any one will be interested to watch this movie even if you gift them a free high quality DVD.

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