2 Bharathiyar poems & 2 wonderful movies

Being a great fan of Bharathi’s powerful writings.. here is an analysis of two movies and his words. There is a popular talk that “Chinnanchiru kiliye Kannamma” song can be sung to any one. A kid, your love, to a mother or even a great grand mother.. the lyrics will fit in perfectly. This song is the spine of the movie Kutram Kalithal. A critical dialogue in the movie, around which the movie revolves, is handled similar to this song- interpretation is left to the viewer.

I loved the characters in the movie. Didn’t like the heroine much though. Everyone has just lived the role. There is a lady who has played the wife of the head master !! Unbelievable. I don’t understand why Tamil cinema cannot utilize such people better. You can actually live through the characters. The Chinnanchiru kiliye song is beautifully picturised. Brought tears to my eyes. There I was.. flying over some part of Iran, middle of the night, wiping my tears 😄😂

The next one is yet another stunner. Uriyadi !! If you read some where that this is a movie which talks about the politics and college students, it is surely not just that. The screen play is mind blowing and I felt it was a more realistic thriller than the much acclaimed Dhuruvangal 16. Here we have Bharathi’s “Agini kunjondru kanden” One of the best rhythms set to that song.. The movie is about how youngsters have the fire in them to clean up a political mafia. Again, the actors. It is so refreshing to see new faces actually performing. There are so many side characters. But the casting and their performance is so good that you can recollect each of them.

I am amazed at such levels of creativity. To link a famous song to a thought and spin a story around it. Bharathi’s progressive thoughts are surely the need of the hour. Check out these movies. They are truly engrossing and are food for thought.

P.S : Watched both movies as I was flying home for Christmas hols. It’s addictive, this.. watching thrillers in the flight. Next time you fly, try !!

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