Stop talking abt Rana’s eye NOW!!

Bahubali 2 is making history. The jewels the actors wore, CG, salaries, box office collections.. everything is being discussed. Great. But why in the world are people bothered about Rana’s eye!! It is greatly disheartening to see continuous attention in social media about his eyes, that too with zoomed in shots. How much more disgusting can we get..

You are not appreciating Rana. You are insulting him with your sympathy. The tone is – even though he is blind, he has achieved so much. What started as a shock and brought tears to people when they saw his video initially, has now become a matter of gossip. How many of you did not hear people whispering about his eye to kids or family when he appeared on screen. What he brought out about himself to inspire a young kid, has been reduced to sheer gossip. These are people who think sharing a post on Facebook will bring peace to a cancer survivor.

The biggest help you can do to a disabled or sick person is not pointing fingers at them and discussing their illness as a news. I have seen shameless females do this to a cancer survivor. Discussing whether she would survive or not, if she had real hair or a wore a wig.. all this in a matter of fact tone. Heights !!

As a society, we need to mature together. If you want to help, please do. That does not require calling everyone around and pretending to be sorry. Do not sympathize so as to make people feel low and push them to a stage where they start self pitying.

Enough of Rana. To me, he is a tall masculine guy who any girl will fall for. Let’s stop with this please. Let’s stop pointing to random people on the road and telling our children “Hey that girl has no legs”, “This guy has false hands”, “See how short that uncle is” !! Please. Stop this disgusting behavior if you really have some sympathy.. no. We need to stop this if we call ourselves humans.

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