700,000 bucks for a piece of bun

Here is the story of a lady who spent over Rs.700000 for a piece of bun..


Some people can captivate you at first sight. Samruddhi is one such. I met her at a wedding and within 2 mins of getting introduced, I was amazed how someone can be so cheerful and spirited. Instant attraction. After a few months, I see her posts on FB. She is in Germany, all alone, learning to bake breads. Wow. How many would do this? Here is a short chat with her to find out what this bundle of energy is up to..

She starts as a fashion designing graduate, conducts a series of cookery classes with awesome recipes, move forward as a baker, conducts baking courses.. and finally ends up with bread in her hands. If you have lived in Germany even for a few months, you can completely understand what she means by “I wanted to learn bread baking because, once we came back to India, my family and I missed German breads so much” The bread we get in bakeries is pretty much chemicals, commercial yeast and loads of artificial stuff, completely unhealthy,she warns. That’s when she decides to go back to Germany, all alone this time, to learn the art from the masters.

Indian aunties time “Leaving your 7 year old kid and husband alone?? Her education?? 7 lakhs for a piece of bun?” But Samruddhi has a super supportive husband who clearly understands her passion, an overtly sweet kid who told her “You can go if you will learn to make Pretzel” and an understanding family. That’s how Samruddhi went to the “Akademie Deutsches Backerhandwerk Weinheim”. With her past experience as an intern at a bakery in Germany during the time she was there with her family, she picked up the trade pretty fast. Adding her own innovations and creativity, she has now mastered SOUR DOUGH BREADS – completely natural and free of commercial yeast or other chemicals. She conducts workshops that fill up months in advance. She recommends native wheat flour to her students and connects them with farmers. Farmers who had stopped cultivating heirloom  wheat have now started it again, all thanks to Samruddhi and her students becoming their customers. She is also trying to incorporate millets. Due to the limited bread baking resources available in India, she started a group for Indian bread bakers on FB where bakers help each other with ingredients and rants.

Being one of the very few sour dough bakers in India, she is now successfully running KrumbKraft – orders, workshops, classes in culinary schools.. her hands are full. But this super mom, clearly has her family priorities well planned. She has a cute deal with her daughter on how many days mummy can travel out of station. The family also owns a farm where they are going all-so-natural. In a few years she plans chemicals and preservatives free products from her farm produce. They also plan to start living in the farm, in a few years.

The unbelievable fact is that, she has students who take the first flight to Bangalore, participate in her workshop and fly back home with the last flight. She had a student who drove from Pune to Mumbai and had her husband wait for her in the car park all day long to attend the class. Why so much craze for bread in India – a country where bread is supposed to be eaten when you are running fever? “India is an IT country. People are traveling all over the world. They know what a good bread tastes like and they miss it when they come back to India. That is when they start searching option to buy or bake good breads”, she explains coolheadedly. She also teaches the sour dough trick to make Indian recipes like naan, bhature and what not. Her breads also get an Indian touch with pickle, garlic chuntey or Indian herbs. She believes in being minimalistic and ensures that her students need not search for costly equipment or exotic ingredients.

Samruddhi and her husband trek the Himalayas for 10 days every year as a compulsory de-stress. She says she gets bored pretty fast. So we can surely expect her to do much more interesting awesome stuff in the coming days. For now, her husband has proudly hung her Internationally acclaimed certificate in the living room and it is smiling at Samruddhi’s achievements.

Pretending reporter, I shot a few questions..

1) Have you educated yourself to manage your finances?
Yes I am learning to manage money. But managing my calendar is even more difficult

2) Give us a secret cooking tip. 3) What’s your biggest investment? 4) Secret of success..

Patience and Practice” was the answer to all these questions. 🙂

5)  Give us a super simple recipe.

6) 3 sites you love.. thefreshloaf.comtheperfectloaf.com, hefeundmehr

7) apps that help you..walnut, breadcalc, saavn(to distress myself)

8) What makes a woman beautiful? What makes a woman successful?

Self confidence. The belief that she can do anything in the world and nothing can stop her. Saying this, she signs off with positive words for me and her signature laugh from the heart.

My take away:

A woman going all alone to Germany to learn breads – unbelievable. Then, she specializing as one of the few in the country who make something as unique as sour dough breads – wow. Then, she creating a profitable business model,  giving a healthy alternative to people around, encouraging organic farmers and taking workshops around the world- isn’t this superb !! I was amazed. What can a Daredevil Diva not do B-)



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  1. Very nicely written 🙂 When time comes, I will write a blog about you for being super talented and a good guide for many souls 🙂

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