How to get a job in Germany? – Part 3

We have also tried to answer some random questions here..

1) Is settling in Germany difficult like In US?

As of today, June 2017, the visa processes in Germany are relatively simpler. If you have a well paying job and German B1, it is possible to get the Permanent resident card in 21 months. This means your settlement in Germany is almost done. You can get basic guarantee. But world market is changing fast and right winged politics is taking over. One can never be sure when any country will shut its doors to expats.

2) If I am studying in US, shall I try for a job in Germany, given the current situation?

Entering Germany without a job is easier than entering the US. My suggestion would be to have moving to Germany as the last option, given the fact that you spent much more for higher rates in the U.S

3) If my dream is to relocate to Germany, shall I opt for higher studies or try with a job search visa ?

My idea will be – finish German B1 in your home country. Do your job applications and come to Germany on job search visa – this is valid for 6 months. A job should work. The issue here is, you need to ensure you have enough finances to survive for these 6 months. I would recommend this way to experienced players. Say you have 8 years of strong domain experience, this is a good try. If this doesn’t work, you can think of other options.

If you are a recent graduate or have minimum experience, highers might be a good option.

4) If I mention a non-German number and address, will it reject my prospects?

This might reduce your opportunities. But not always. During the first level filtering, the HR or team manager will try to call you for a short discussion. At this time, if it’s a non-German number, they might think twice.

5) Can I relocate with my family, if my kids are over 5 years old?

I have seen kids pick up German in a few months. I recently met a 15 year old who came to Germany at 12 and she is so fluent now. There are also bilingual and international schools.

6) Will my family feel lonely if I relocate with a job to Germany?

The kids are going to be occupied at school. Spouses have an option to work with the dependent visa. Also, international communities are fast developing in Germany and every country has a good representation. So it’s not a completely alien land like people imagine.

Also check the Part1 and Part2 sections of How to get a job in Germany. These points will be updated as and when we have more questions or face new situations. We wish you good luck for the job search. Feel free to ask your questions and add suggestions in the comments section.

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