Breaking Boundaries

DSC_0445_editedI have developed a fancy for Tai Chi after my recent trip to China. As I was looking up classes around me, a friend gave me a piece of advice. She said “Why do you want to do this? Where do you have the time? Why can’t you just relax” I assured her I am ok. Life is just short isn’t it? The time is ticking and we have so much to see, so much to learn and so much to do..

One trend that has slowly creeped into our minds is being sympathetic on ourselves. When you join a gym or a training class, does your brain tell you “It’s ok. You had a tough day. You will be ok if you skip classes today. You can definitely go tomorrow. It’s ok to relax for a day” And you end up “relaxing” completely. This becomes a daily drama and the gym membership goes down the drain. Well, this is not because you are tired. Its the brain playing tricks on you. If you want to lose some weight, you should learn to tell your brain to shut up and pick up those training shoes.

I personally hate the concept of the “comfort-shell”.

  1. Do you hesitate to switch from your current job because you are worried how the new job will work for you?
  2. Are you hesitant to relocate to a new city or a new country because the language and culture are new to you?
  3. Are you a mom who took a few years break for your kid and is now battling in your mind whether to back to work or not?
  4. Are you thinking, you should join a dance class but worried that you will make a fool of yourself?
  5. Are you unable to break-free from an abusive relationship?
  6. Are you hesitant to ask questions in a meeting because you are worried how others will judge you?
  7. Do you not take up adventure-sports because you are scared?
  8. Do you always long for home-food even when you are on a Northern-lights cruise?
  9. Do you always dream to do an MBA but don’t know if you can work out the finances?
  10. Do you want to do something, anything, but you are not doing it???


The brain tells you that you will be happy if you exist just as you are at present. We faced this at the age of 3. We were playing at home, napping, having fun, when suddenly one day dad and mom handed out a school bag and took us to school. We cried we don’t want to be there (Read : Brain giving comfort-shell signals) But the society forced us and now we all know what a joke it would have been to have continued playing at home and not going to school.

There have been many instances when we have tricked our brain for good.

  1. When you rode the bicycle with perfect balance for the first time
  2. When you travelled out of your city to a new place
  3. When you moved out of your parent’s house
  4. When you tried a new cusine
  5. When you changed from an Android phone to an Apple phone
  6. When you proposed your first love
  7. When you tasted the first sip of Beer
  8. When you first visited a water theme park and took a few jolly ride
  9. When you wrote an exam even when you were sick
  10. When you switched from a mobile camera to a DSLR

If the second list was cake-walk, the first list will also be a cake-walk for sure. The trick is to trick your brain. Do not let your brain comfort you. Do not be overtly merciful on yourself. You will lose more than gain by that. Start with something small. Take a short walk. Take a new route when you drive today. Try a dish or drink you haven’t tried before. take up a new hobby. If your definition of relaxing means watching a series on YouTube or simply sipping a mug of beer or having a nap on the couch, and this is all the relaxing you do the complete day on all weekends, YOU ARE DEFINITELY NOT RELAXING !! YOU ARE BEING LAZY.

Take risks, break boundaries, be hard on yourself sometimes. It is definitely worth the trouble. After all, we do not have for ever to live and try out new things. The time is ticking. B-) So which boundary are you breaking today??? 🙂

Picture story : Had a really steep climb up the Summer Palace in Shanghai and ended up seeing this Buddha that was so beautiful. Hard work to reach peace and tranquility.

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