Goethe Intensive German course

I have been attending German classes regularly. I finished upto A2 but was never confident to speak in German. I knew my Grammar decently well and a few words too. But I could never put them together. That is when my Department decided to sponsor me to attend German classes in Goethe Institut. Oh well. I had no complaints now that I was getting this for free 🙂

I started my 3.5 weeks intensive course in August 2017 in Schwäbisch Hall. Being summer vacation, I had a lot of young students in my class and I made some amazing friends for life. When I say friends for life, I mean it.

The city of Schwäbisch Hall is super cute. All shops and bakeries are near by. The only complaint I heard from my friends was that the church bell woke them up too early everyday. Two of us traveled home each evening while the rest stayed back in the accommodation provided by Goethe.

The best thing about the classes is that ”You are exposed to German continuously for around 4 weeks” This is an amazing thing. I had 2 teachers, each for 2 weeks. We were not happy with the first teacher initially as she stuck to the book all the time and we voiced our opinion. She immediately changed her teaching methods. For the second half of the course, we had another amazing teacher. She was too good. Helped us understand grammar like a breeze.

The course takes place in the morning and we had a lot of fun programs in the afternoon. We had pretzel baking, trips around the area, mini golf, swimming etc. The thing is, you are exposed to so much German doing fun stuff 🙂 There were also weekend trips to Berlin, Frankfurt etc and I heard they were totally funfilled.

We also spent many afternoons in the Mediothek (library) doing our home work, watching German movies and working out grammar together.

Things to know: 

  • The course of 3.5 weeks covers only one half of a level (like A1.1 or B1.1 etc and not the complete level like A1 or B1)
  • 3.5 weeks of only German is not as hectic as it sounds. Yes I was tired the last week. But with all the fun things to do, its surely worth enrolling for this course.
  • Some of my friends continued for another 3.5 weeks to complete the B1 level. They said they had a nice experience. I personally could not take any more days off and had to stop with B1.1. But I could still do some self-study, work with the Question bank and clear B1 exam with 81% overall.
  • Many people do different courses at different locations of Goethe. I know people who have been learning only German for over an year and working part-time. So check out if that could be an option.

Bottom line : Do I recommend this course? 

100% yes. Many of my German colleagues were amazed at my speaking in German in the meeting and they were stunned that this was possible in a month. I attribute that to Goethe. But if you think it is pretty expensive, yes it is. If you can spend 1 complete month soaked in German, you can speak too – Goethe or no Goethe. For me, this is in general not possible and Goethe helped me tighten my reigns and devote a complete month. I lost my summer vacations, but I am glad I did that !! 🙂 🙂

Do comment if you had an experience at Goethe or if you have some questions..

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