I am..

”An Engineer with no interest in Engineering” – typical of all Engineers in India, who studied B.E because ”mom and dad insisted”. I however gave Engineering a beating by not allowing it to pull my life down with boring maths and electronics.

I paint, sing, love to travel and talk a LOOOTTTTTTT !! People who know me would probably add more O’s and T’s and my friend believes I am at 250 words per min 😛 To me, this blog is to put in my thoughts and experiences on various walks of life, without boundaries, inhibitions and categories, with a hope to make the reader feel good.

I write about my random thoughts, travel experiences, food I try, review places I visit and also design some interesting craft tutorials.

Thanks for your time for reading my blog. Do share your productive feedback. I hope you enjoy flipping through my stories 🙂

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Gaurav batra says:

    Totally flattered with how beautifully described the life of 99% of Indian Students.. .really loved it!!! Unfortunately, I belong to the same league as well…..first an Engineer without a choice followed by taking up as a profession as life offers no rewinds….


  2. Harsha says:

    Nice introduction, ”An Engineer with no interest in Engineering” pretty much sums up my situation also. Hope one day i will also start writing like you 🙂

    Keep inspiring us 🙂


    1. Divya Arun says:

      Thank u so much 😂 unfortunately I still continue to be an engineer 😜 so we can do both. Engineering plus writing. Welcome to the club 😁


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