Art & Decors

I took up arts when I was at the peak of depression. Personal losses and career difficulties toppled my life completely. That is when arts and crafts came into my life. Whether you know to draw or paint, however old you are.. It doesn’t matter. Art simply transforms your life.. For a beautiful home, you need not spend thousands on interior decor. Simple and elegant pieces of art(which you can create) add more beauty. The same goes with decorating yourself 🙂

In this section, I talk about various art forms I have seen, some that I have tried. Some wonderful pictures from museums around the world with interesting stories about them will also find a place in this section.

I have a special place in my heart for Indian art forms. They look amazing and give a desi touch to your wall. The best thing about Indian art forms is, they stand as a record to an incident.

Check out procedures and creative ideas in this page. The world is a huge canvas.. what are you waiting for? Lets get the colors splashing B-)