I’m World Tour

Travelling was never a very exciting thing for me till recent past. As a middle-class family kid, travelling meant staying in a relative’s place, crunching in the living room, having fun with cousins and looking at nearby touristy spots. My mom has an obsession towards working in the kitchen. I remember fighting with my mom in many such travels because she loves to be in the host’s kitchen, helping them cook or clean, as if we traveled all the way to make rotis for them.. Carrying story books – especially Tinkle, and my Walkman were mandatory. I never had anything else to bother about.

Post marriage, my travel definition actually changed – thanks to my travel loving husband and my job with a Schengen visa. I started learning what ”planning a vacation” actually means. Trust me, this is so much more beautiful than having someone decide what you want to see. Of course, package tours work good when you have a time constraint or you are looking for a very relaxed holiday. Otherwise, its fun to explore and experiment. I read about the places and make a detailed itinerary for every place that we visit. In fact, the suggestions I made about each place for my friends helped them a lot and they suggested that I start writing a blog about these places.

Thus came alive ”I’m World Tour” page on my blog – This is a famous dialogue of my favorite Tamil comedian Gaundamani 😉 Here I share my experiences in that place, some memories dear to my heart, practical tips, money saving ideas and some wonderful photos taken by my husband.

If you are looking for ideas about a perfect family, feel-good vacation, this is a good place for you to get them. I hope my honest feedback will help you plan excellent trips and make beautiful memories. If you need specific advice, feel free to leave a comment. I will try to help you. Look into the sub-menu for interesting places. Wish this section grows bigger with more travels and memories 🙂